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The Revd. Peter Graysmith

Peter Graysmith 5.png

Although he was born in Yorkshire, Peter spent the first 28 years of his ministry in Staffordshire. As Mission Priest to St. John's Church and Town Church, Peter is always keen to engage with people for whom church attendance is less than usual.

 Having walked to Santiago de Compostella on a number of occasions, he recognises that life is a journey rather than a destination.  When life gets tough what we need is someone to carry our backpack, nurse our wounds and share our journey with us. We enjoy the journey so much more when we have others with which to share it.

For relaxation Peter uses skills learnt when he studied Physics with Electronics at university. He loves all things engineering, especially his boat, classic cars and DIY. When not getting his hands oily he reads or listens to “quirky novels” – The Life of Pi by Yan Martel and The Humans by Matt Haig being particular favourites.

 Sport also features significantly in Peter’s life. Although Peter would not describe himself as musical, he does know most of the chants that are sung at Bramall Lane - the home of his beloved Sheffield United.

As well as being Mission Priest to Town Church and St John’s, Peter is also Chaplain to Elizabeth College, Specsavers and the Bailiwick Law Enforcement Agency.

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